Design Development Product Furniture

My agenda is to create design that is honest and provide value in the everyday life.

Since 2010 I have been working within the context of ideation, design and development. With an educational background as M.Sc. Eng. in Industrial design my approach to the design process is methodical and analytical as well as intuitive and creative. I think design as a symbiosis of society needs, visions, functionality, material, market demands and the technological development. Good design does not follow a certain trend but has a timeless touch both aesthetically and functionally. In each design it is my aim to follow this “timeless touch”, the elegance in shapes and functionality and just that little something which makes you curious.
    • Allmilmö
    • Aalborg University, AD:MT
    • Am Pm
    • Archi Puxadores / Cermag
    • Bolia
    • Casø Furniture Aps
    • Dormiente GmbH
    • Duba-B8
    • Hübsch A/S
    • IQ-Bed / Mercatus
    • Sack-it
    • SDU, MMMI
    • Senhjerneskade Center Nord
    • Søgaards Bryghus
    • Wössner GmbH