SCN Living Lab

Framing and defining the services of the Lab

 Together with Ideaal Aps we framed and specified the concept and the vision of the Living Lab. The 2 month process resulted in a report describing the concept, the vision, the facilities and the resources of the Living Lab. A marketing brochure was created in order for the Living Lab to have a piece of physical material that described the Living Lab and why the Living Lab is essential to include in various phases of the product development of products for the welfare sector.
“Senhjerneskade Center Nord” needed assistance for framing the direction and the concept of their established Living Lab. The Center is specialized in the rehabilitation of citizens with brain injuries and has a great knowledge about the needs and the everyday life of citizens with brain injuries. 24 citizens are living in apartments at the center and the staff is very focused and oriented towards creating the best surroundings and opportunities for the citizens. In 2013 the Living Lab was established in the authentic context of the Center with the aim of inviting researches, companies and students with interest in welfare technology to use their facilities. The vision of the Center is to be a part of new knowledge, innovative and improved products for the welfare sector.
The brochure was layoutet in cooperation with “Din designafdeling” and SCN.