Say congratulations to our new expansion Steffensen&Würtz Ivs!
2015 has so fare been a good year with new clients and lots of exiting projects.
This progress has resulted in that Pia Würtz Design and Steff Design have joined forces within our new company Steffensen&Würtz Ivs – officially established in May 2015.
Our first official projects are going to be launched in August 2015, further will follow throughout the Autumn and we are looking very much forward to this.
We both share a passion for design and development of products and furniture that you use in your everyday life. The past 2 years we have been working together in projects concerning furniture design, products, speakers and home accessories and we are looking forward to proceed this cooperation within Steffensen&Würtz Ivs.
So please back us up and give our new Facebook page a like and stay tuned for updates on our web www.steffensen-wuertz.dk (which is still very much in progress…) and of course our Facebook page.